Wind Rover FAQ

FAQ FOR WIND ROVER City and Off Road Version:

1. How long is the warranty ?

—We offer 12 months repair warranty

2.It is safe to drive wind rover ? Will i fall down if it is over speed ?

– Our Wind Rover is available for alarm system . So if you drive it over speed , our wind rover will alarm itself , and slow down itself  . So you will be safe . And it also alarm you if you drive it on the difficult road , to avoid you drive it to the dangerious place .

3.Wind rover can be drived on the difficult road and rainy day ?

—Our wind rover is better for the flat road , but it is also no problem to drive on the land , grass , sand and others . But we do not suggest  you to drive on rainy day . As the road is very slide after rainy , this way is not so safe .

4.What is the age grades to use the wind rover ?

—Our wind rover is suitable for children and adult who reach  35kg in weight  and 120cm in height . 

5.The wind rover will be stolen easily ?

—When you leave our wind rover , you lock it with controller , it will alarm as the car if others try to touch it .  This way can protect your scooter  .

6. Why Wind Rover is using the brush motor , not brushless ?

— The brush motor we use is from famous factory which has imported to USA for long time . It is very steady quality.

These motor also used for wheelchair , very safe  . Also it can save to cost to keep acceptable price .

7.Why Wind Rover scooter is similar as other factory ?

—-As you know , our V4 , V4+ house is from the public mould in shenzhen factory . So there are many similar products you see among shenzhen factory . So we make our better service and higher quality to win market place . One more thing , we are pushing our V5 V5+ next month , which will be wind rover patented product , only wind rover

looking , i think it will change this case soon .

8.What is the difference between you and segway ?

—- The one big differnce is the motor , segway use brushless motor , but as you know , brushless motor can not bring so big price difference . Segway is the most famous brand , so its pricing surely much higher . We are growing now . So we keep our factory profit to be lowest to extend our brand . Our wind rover is similar function  and also high quality as segway , but more acceptable price .

9.What accessories you offer with wind rover ?

—-When you order , we offer : bell , flash light for handle head , protection set etc for your optional when order .

10.The Max speed is 20km/h ,why it can not reach 20km when i drive ?

—- The speed is 20km/h for top , for your first time driving , it may not reach this speed ,  as the driving control also effect the speed . So the speed will be faster and faster after your driving . But when it is over 20km/h , the scooter will slow down itself to protect you .

11. Do you have any serial number for after sales ?

—-Yes , we will put each different serial number on scooter house , when scooter broken , then you can offer the serial number and get the free after sales repair .